TeamLeader Coaching

The TeamLeader needs help …

On our website page Building Emotionally Intelligent Teams we described Janna’s question. She is Global Account Coordinator of a worldwide consulting firm. A number of partners in various are working for this account with their local teams. The Account sales is deteriorating. Within the team opinions differ on how to deal with this adverse development. We stated that an optimal coaching roadmap requires a multi-level approach comprising 5 modules. In this section we will discuss the TeamLeader Coaching module in more detail.

Emotional state of the Team is key

After watching some instructional videos, reviewing the results of scientific research and discussing the observations made by the coach during an earlier Team meeting, Janna soon realized that as Team Leader she needs to put the emotional state of the Team central. See for example the chart on the right which shows some research results from Daniel Goleman: for Leaders E.I. accounts for 85% for their success.

Therefore, as a variation on the theme ‘Mind over Matter’ Janna’s motto should be:

‘Emotions over Content’

Janna fully understands that this is a huge step and hesitates. Her last doubts removed by the feedback about reflections on Janna’s behavior in interactions with us.
Together we define Janna’s objective for the TeamLeader Coaching: support her in making the switch to primarily focusing on the emotional state of her Team and the individual Team members. From literature (for example Druskat & Wolff’s important article in the HBR in 2001) it is known that active management of Emotional Intelligent Teamnorms contributes greatly to the formation of an E.I. Team. Janna’s agenda as TeamLeader thus should consist of 3 central topics:
• Be constantly aware of the emotions of Team and Team members
• Actively influence these emotions
• Develop, implement and manage effective Teamnorms

During short role plays about real-life issues, exercises and reflective conversations, Janna builds a good basic understanding of emotions and Emotional Intelligence which enables her to understand what she is doing. She steadily broadens her toolkit with E.I. interventions which she may apply as TeamLeader.

 “Already after the first session I made a leap in addressing emotions. That had a significant positive influence on Team effectiveness.”

Janna’s coaching was more effective and easier, and the coaching process could be accelerated because we we were present at Teammeetings and could use our observatings in private coaching sessions.
The coaching effects were permanent because Janna really gained new insights and practiced until she had fully mastered the new techniques.

TL Coaching also as independent course. Different from Executive Coaching

We offer TeamLeader Coaching as a module in our integrated program ‘Building Emotionally Intelligent Teams’, but also as an independent coaching service.

It differs from Executive Coaching because for TeamLeader Coaching the objectives are pretty much clear in advance and more attention is given to transfer of knowledge about emotions and E.I.