Quality Assurance

We have taken a number of measures to ensure that we consistently offer high quality services. These are summarized below. We will be glad to give you more in-depth information.
Evaluation by customers & coachees
After completion of every assignment we ask both the coachee(s) and a representative of their organization to fill out an evaluation form. If preferred this document may remain anonymous to ensure that you really can say what you want. We may contact you thereafter, with the sole purpose to better understand your feedback or taking care of possible complaints.
Permanent education
We require from all our coaches that they invest in relevant permanent education and regularly follow formal training programs on coaching, emotional intelligence and/or corporate governance.
Intervision & counselling
Even as experienced coaches we do not know everything. Neither do we pretend. In case of doubt our coaches may contact an internal or external colleague for counsel or intervision, on an anonymous base of course.
Independent observation
In specific situations our coaches may ask an independent expert to observe a part of our coaching session and to give us feedback about what went right and what we could improve. Of course the coachee and his organization will have to consent in advance.
Our training courses we are acknowledged by the Dutch CRKBO. This is important, because it allows us not to charge VAT for training courses. The CRKBO regularly audits our firm.
Quality code NRTO
Our firm is not a member, but subjects itself to the extent relevant to the quality code of the Dutch NOBCO and NRTO.
Quality evaluation by other institutes
Our coaches regularly lecture at other, leading (academic) institutes. These are subject to quality assurance programmes and evaluate our coaches (in their capacity of teachers) on a regular basis. To the extent relevant we also use the feedback we receive for purposes of improving our own services!

In case you might have any questions about our quality programme, please do not hesitate to contact us.