Second opinion

Dear Supervisory Board member,

Are you facing a difficult choice? Your company has to close a plant or discontinue an activity? A merger? A number of employees have to be laid off? These are examples of difficult matters for which often no easy solutions exist. Support services for employees are used more and more. But what about you? Are you struggling with the right decision? Is it in accordance with your own values? Can you still sleep?

Are you doubting as a human being what the right decision is for your organisation and its employees?

These are cases about purpose, the purpose of doing business. About the true meaning of governance and supervision. About your added value as a human being for society and for your organisation. Situations in which you feel a moral responsibility and may make the difference. Do you have somebody to go to? To discuss in calmth and at a distance?

We offer such a sounding board. A sparring partner who operates in strict confidentiality. Who really is available for you. Together we will search for your deepest values. We take inventory of your personal “ethical constitution” and show you a mirror with your underlying motives. We do not focus on general principles and values, but on what is important for you, for you personally, here and now. Not easy, but with a long-term added value. Maybe even beyond your initial question…
Your choice remains your choice. We help with exploring and removing “limiting beliefs”, fears for consequences of decisions, evaluations of possible outcomes and exploration of several alternatives.
Surprising: we also are creative and out-of-the-box. Often alternative ways to achieve your goal are available, whereby your acting will remain aligned with your personal values. Jointly with you we identify un expected, new options and opportunities.

You will continue to make your own choices, that remains your responsibility. Wij offer you insight in your values and motives and possible consequences. With an open mind we help you to better anchor your business capabilities in your personal values.

Our objective? Make the world a little bit more decent, jointly with you!

We always try to leave people in a better emotional state than we found them.