Protocol Confidant

For our (free) service to act as your Confidant we developed a Protocol.
Its terms & conditions are summarized below.

We as your confidant:

  1. are free to decide whether we want to act in such capacity.
  2. act as a source of information and advisor about corporate governance matters for shareholders, supervisory and executive boards.
  3. are independent and not accountable to any third party.
  4. do not contact the organization about which we are consulted in any manner, nor other organizations or persons and will not conduct our own investigation.
  5. will keep confidential everything that we learn in such capacity. We will not take notes.
  6. do not advise on legal or professional matters, do not act as auditor or lawyer and will not give an opinion on accountability matters.
  7. do not act as proxy or witness in procedures and will invoke our right on privilege (unless the competent judge decides otherwise).
  8. will breach our duty of confidentialy only in case of: (i) demonstrable very large damage or danger for you, your organization or third parties; (ii) this risk still occurs; (iii) we do not have other reasonable alternatives available; and only after we have informed you before.
  9. do not accept a role as confidant in case we already act as confidant of an employee, executive, supervisory board member, shareholder or material business or family relationship of you or your organization.
  10. subject ourself to all relevant compliance rules of the professional organizations of which we are a member.
  11. in principle do not charge a fee.
  12. may discontinue the assignment as confidant at any given moment without the obligation to provide reasons therefore.
  13. do not accept any liability for our acting as confidant.