Deepening Personal Dynamics

Insight in Personal dynamics, emotions and motives

Background and objective
You completed a governance programme and your know how is up to date. But your personal effectiveness and performance in the boardroom may be improved: deepening of your ethical views, sharpening of your vision on the purpose of governance and increase of your insight in the influence of your personal emotions in de boardroom. Matters that offen influence your performance unconsciously. If your find these matters are important this programme is very suitable for you. It comprises 3 parts.

Ethical values and dilemmas
Absolute ethical values do not exist. People have different angles resulting in different choices. Reflection about ethical dilemmas in an open dialogue with your fellow supervisory directors, executives and other stakeholders is necessary. This helps to form yourself an opinion about the acceptability of choices to be made. You will really immerse yourself in in your own personality and you will learn, as supervisory director to recognize ethical dillemmas with executives and third parties bij directie en derden ethische dilemmas, to bring these up for discussion and how to clear and transparent account for choices made.

Your personal emotions
Emotional veils play an important role. These unconscious, self imposed limitations based on specific beliefs about your own personality result in filters and (unonscious) ineffective behavior during daily communication. They play a role in your evaluation of executives and governance issues. We offer tools how to detect and address such veils. You will learn to better recognize your own emotions and unconscious motives, to communicate effectively about these and to adjust your behavior.

What does governance really mean for you?
You will learn to explain in clear language why you have chosen for thís specific supervisory role, what is in it for you and how your implementation fits in your broader personl objectives. You will also learn to explain how this role helpt you fulfilling the contribution that you want to give to society and what exactly you will contribute to thís specific organization. You will learn to base your views on your own concept of man and the world and you will develop a vision on the meaning of enterprises and non-profit organizations for society. You will learn to clearly articulate the benefits of governance for society. You will be able –as a human being (!)- to motivate a possible resignation, apart from other business reasons.

Proefschrift 2012 van Dr. mr. Ben Verleg

Programme design
Our programme is not focussed on ‘knowledge transer’, but on your improvement of personal insight and skills. No ‘classic lectures’ will be given, you will be working hard yourself. You will experience, reflect and experiment with your behavior and views. In a small group with a lot of interaction with facilitators and fellow participants. As a consequence your newly acquired insights will cement deeper. We don’t have teachers, in stead we provide ‘facilitators’ that will adopt a ‘serving’ role. Literature is limited. Your homework in advance mainly helps you to take inventory and to briefly describe personal experiences that you would like to discuss. Your writing of a Personal Governance Statute will be part of it.

Our programme comprises 2 consecutive days. A lot of room is built in for role plays, group discussions and contributing individual cases. We will make use of professional actors for a ‘direction exercise’.
Boardroom dynamics (your interaction with collegues –executives or fellow supervisory directors-) is not the core of this programme. It is about you, hence the labelling Personal Dynamics.

Previous participants on average valued our programme at 8.5.

For participation basic know how of corporate governance is required. Groups are between 4 and 9 participants.