Application training Supervisory directors

Objective: start a career of supervisory director
You aspire a career as supervisory director. You already acquired the necessary know how. Now you want to prepare yourself for applications. That is the objective of our Application training for Supervisory directors: designed as a practical, focussed training for obtaining supervisory positions, specifically for upcoming supervisory directors.
A 1-on-1 tailored programme that may start at any given moment.
Inventarisatie ‘markt’ en netwerk
Wij inventariseren samen uw persoonlijke sterktes en zwaktes, voorkeuren en vaardigheden in relatie tot toezichthoudende functies. Op basis hiervan begeleiden wij u bij het maken van een ‘marktinventarisatie’: een staalkaart van branches en industrieën die mogelijk bij u passen. Daarna brengen wij samen uw bestaande netwerk in kaart en adviseren hoe u dit verder kunt uitbouwen. Ook komen aan de orde: inschrijven bij gespecialiseerde search-bureaus en bij welke, hoe introducties regelen, schrijven van sollicitatiebrieven en cv.

Training van gesprekken, verloop procedure, referenties
Vervolgens trainen wij u bij het voeren van sollicitatiegesprekken en gaan wij dieper in op gespreks- en interview-technieken, toepassing van corporate governance kennis en uw eigen gedrag. Wij adviseren over het verloop van wervingsprocedures, do’s & dont’s, referenties, met wie spreken en wat moet aan de orde komen. Dit ronden wij af met de due diligence en aandachtspunten bij de overeenkomst (honorarium, vrijwaring, verzekering).

Conclusion: ‘exam’ with mini-assessment
Our training will be concluded with 2 live application interviews, based on a real-life case/vacancy in which you will be able to demonstrate what you learned. We will not specifically test your corporate governance knowledge, however to some extent this will be built in of course. The center of our evaluation will be the quality of application techniques applied by you in boardroom settings. You may view this as a conclusive ‘exam’. Upon your wishes we may build in a mini-assessment.

Optional: ‘personal dynamics’
You may find it desirable to deepen your vision on the position of an organization in society obtain a more thorough view of your personal emotions in boardroom processes. This may enable you to ultimately better perform as a supervisory director, or to demonstrate your fitness for such a position. In case you wish so we may include a Personal Governance Statute programme. See here for further information.

What does our Application training bring you?
You will acquire a number of practical skills that will increase your chances to obtain your first supervisory position. You will learn how to make use of your network, how to write letters, conduct an adequate interview, approach referees and to look for when executing a due diligence or negotiating your appointment. We will make audio recordings of our conversations with you for further support.

Our Application training for a supervisory career is fully 1-on-1 and has a high speed. It offers you the opportunity to adapt the training fully for your personal needs. Your interaction with our experienced teachers is intensive and gives a high value for money. We don’t prescribe literature, but work with a number of real-life mini cases. Our focus is not to train “socially preferred answers”, but on increasing your authenticity. The total runtime is flexible. In principle it may start at any given moment.
As far as we know this design is unique in The Netherlands and optimizes your chance to obtain the right supervisory positions within a reasonable timeframe.

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